Hemp Technology Inc.

An expansive vision for the hemp related industries


Hemp Tech is a broadly adaptable holdings company with diversified subsidiaries operating in the hemp related industries.

Large & Scalable Market

Established assets and operational network to meet increasing market demands and continually seek growth opportunities.

Vertically Integrated Diversification

A diversified portfolio of subsidiary companies in the hemp markets.

Experienced Industry Professionals

Team with expertise and demonstrated results in startups, strategy, product development, revenue generation and corporate governance.

About Hemp Technology Inc.

A vertically integrated, publicly traded holdings company, Hemp Technology Inc, (HPTY:OTCBB) operates and intends to further obtain a diversified portfolio of subsidiary companies. With a variety of assets, products, and ancillary offerings in the hemp and related industries, HPTY’s fluid business model is positioned to capitalize on, and quickly adapt to, changing market conditions.

The Company is continually seeking opportunities and strategic acquisitions that support its business model and maintain alignment with the dynamic industry environment.